Employee benefits

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Higher Education Sponsorship
BLOM BANK realizes the importance of higher education and many employees’ ambitions in pursuing higher education degrees and certifications. We sponsor employees’ higher education by covering up to 100% of their tuitions, provided that the concerned employee has good performance and that the program applied for is relevant to his/her job.

We also dedicate a monthly allowance to employees who have achieved a higher education degree or specialized certification.
Insurance & Medical Coverage
All BLOM BANK employees and their dependents are medically covered via NSSF and AROPE Insurance free of charge.

AROPE Insurance also provides BLOM BANK employees with special rates on other types of insurance policies.
NSSF Contributions
BLOM BANK employees are protected at the National Social Security Fund that covers sickness, maternity, family allowances, and end of service indemnity. The bank contributes monthly to this fund, covering a significant percentage of the tax paid by employees for the NSSF.
Dental Plan
Our employees are eligible for a dental plan that covers dental expenses in the form of an advance loan with 0% interest.
Conversion Privilege Option
BLOM BANK allows employees who retire the option to convert their term insurance policy to a permanent policy that provides them and their spouse (if applicable) insurance for the rest of their lives. This option protects the employee from being declined insurance based on a change in health status.
Employees’ Children Academia
BLOM BANK acknowledges family as priority:
  • A schooling allowance is paid to all employees who have children pursuing school and university degrees at public and private institutions.
  • A special bonus is rewarded to employees whose children achieve high grades in academia (Brevet, BACC II, and university full-time students).
  • Employees’ children who graduate from university with distinction are granted a welcome bonus if recruited at the bank.
Profit Sharing
BLOM BANK employees are entitled to profit sharing and marketing bonuses depending on their participation in marketing activities and the volume of sales achieved. Profits are distributed quarterly.
Employee Banking
As a BLOM BANK employee, you have access to a full range of products and services with preferred rates and pricings.
Overtime and Food Allowance
  • Food allowance is compensated for each full-day attendance.
  • Employees may receive overtime pay for working beyond their regular working hours.
Salary Increase and Annual Bonus
  • BLOM BANK employees qualify for salary increases and bonuses depending on their annual performance appraisals as well as the bank’s profits and growth.
  • BLOM BANK ensures that employees are treated fairly and that good performers are rewarded in due manner.
Social responsibility and activities
Our success is based on the skills, knowledge and commitment of our employees. Through their efforts, they continue to maintain and improve the Bank’s status as a major player in the regional financial markets.

BLOM BANK offers a variety of career opportunities for professionals and graduates as well. Our people are the key to achieving our vision of being the leader in client relationships, which is why we work hard to create an environment where all employees can excel, and we continuously educate and train our staff and recognize their work. For instance, the Bank offers focused training programs designed to develop high potential staff with exceptional performance and high levels of competence. These programs prepare qualified employees who are chosen for them to achieve a leadership role within BLOM BANK.



Our employees are rewarded for their hard work with fair and competitive compensation, flexible benefits and access to ongoing skills and career development. Furthermore, the management periodically chooses the employee of the month who has demonstrated service excellence in his/her department.



People at BLOM BANK are treated with the utmost respect in a culture that strives on fairness, ethics and transparency. BLOM BANK prohibits discrimination of any type and offers equal opportunities to all its employees without regard to sex, religion, ethnic background, age or disability.




BLOM BANK is aware of the significance of investing in its employees and keeping them motivated. In addition to investing in their training and education, the Bank ensures employees’ access to a variety of benefits and facilities such as special interest rates, medical coverage, guaranteed eligibility for preferred medical coverage upon retirement, profit sharing, special allowances…


BLOM BANK, being a large institution with over 2,000 employees in Lebanon alone and focusing on the well-being of its employees, encourages them to participate in various social activities organized by the bank such as: BLOM Basketball Team (Males), BLOM Basketball Team (Females), BLOM Football Team, BLOM Running Team and BLOM Band – the bank’s musical talents unite to create oriental and acoustic melodies, noting that this band volunteers to perform entertainments for several NGOs.
These activities give also employees the opportunity to mingle after working hours creating thus a better teamwork spirit at work.


All within its motto of bringing safety and security to stakeholders, at both external and internal levels, the management has developed a Hotline program which aims at strengthening the fraud policy and the code of conduct. The purpose of the Hotline is to ensure that every employee should be able to report his/her concerns (violations, fraud, abuse, discrimination, harassment…) to an independent authority from his immediate supervisor. The main objectives of the Hotline are:

  • Demonstrate management’s zero tolerance attitude
  • Identify and resolve issues early
  • Reduce liability and demonstrate due diligence
  • Provide a risk-free way to voice concerns

On another level, it is the Bank’s duty to keep raising its employees’ awareness on security threats. It thus launched Information Security Awareness Campaigns to address and prevent security threats and pro-actively monitor systems’ activity by implementing advanced preventive and detective controls.

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The HR Division is always actively participating as well as hosting various recruitment events, in coordination with BLOM shabeb, such as job fairs, career fairs, workshops, orientation programs, etc.

We also participate in various extracurricular activities such as marathons and sports championship. Be sure to check out this page frequently for updates on our activities.
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