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BLOM BANK introduces new innovative services on its 24/7 ATMs for improved customer convenience.
The machines dispense cash; accept cash and cheque deposits as well as credit card payments while also offering a broad range of other services including Alfa and touch mobile phone recharge, eCash service, and mini account statement displaying the last ten transactions performed on the account, all with no additional charges.

Features and benefits:

Cash Deposits*:

  • Depositing LBP or USD cash in respective LBP or USD current accounts
  • Depositing cash up to $5,000 per day or counter value
  • Inserting up to 100 bank notes per transaction
* Subject to value date rules with no commissions

Cheque Deposits*:

  • Deposit cheque to be credited to LBP or USD accounts
  • Depositing LBP or USD cheques in respective LBP or USD current accounts
  • Inserting up to 20 cheques per transaction
  • Crediting the value of cheques to your account after final collection**
* Subject to value date rules with no additional charges.
** Each cheque deposited is subject to verification by BLOM BANK s.a.l. The cheques specifications should be compliant with the Bank’s standards. The cheque amount will be credited into your account once successfully collected.

Credit Card Payments*:

  • Settling your dues by depositing LBP or USD cash in respective LBP or USD credit cards
*Not subject to commissions


  • LBP 1,000 bills are not accepted
  • Bank notes should be inserted loose (no rubber band, no paper clips, no coins, no staples, no envelopes)
  • International cheques are not accepted
  • The $5,000 deposit limit includes cash deposits and credit card payments
For more information regarding ATM locations or for any further assistance, you may contact our 24/7 Call center on 01-753000.
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