Board of Directors

Mr. Samer AZHARI - Chairman & General Manager
Dr. Naaman AZHARI - Honorary Chairman
Mr. Amr AZHARI - Permanent Representative of BLOM BANK s.a.L.
Mr. Christian DE LONGEVIALLE - Director
Mr. Jean-Paul DESSERTINE - Director
Mr. Marwan JAROUDI - Director


General Management

Mr. Samer AZHARI - Chairman & General Manager
Mr. Michel ADWAN - Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Jean-Pierre BAAKLINI - Country Manager – Paris
Mr. Amr EL TURK - Country Manager – London
Mr. Dani SAWAYA - Acting Manager –  UAE
Mrs. Veronica PETRESCU - Country Manager –  Romania
Mr. Xavier ELLUIN - Risk Manager
Mr. Marc ABOU-KHALIL - Audit Manager
Mr. Jean HABER - CiO



BLOM BANK FRANCE is headquartered in Paris - France. The Bank was established in 1976 and currently has branches in Paris, London, Romania, Dubai and Sharjah.

BLOM BANK FRANCE services include:

  • Retail Banking: Retail Banking services are offered in all of our branches. Those services include current and checking accounts, consumer loans, debit/credit cards as well as term deposits.
  • Private and Investment: Asset management services are offered to the high net-worth segment providing access to capital and money markets to best meet the need of investors for global portfolio management. Those include cash placements, bonds, shares, commodities, derivatives as well as term deposits in all major currencies.
  • Corporate Banking: BLOM BANK FRANCE offers a wide range of banking and financial services provided for domestic and international operations. Those services include access to commercial banking products of which trade finance operations and funding, corporate financing and overdrafts, as well as domestic clearing and international payments, term loans in local and foreign currencies, letters of guarantee etc.


Highly personalized services have been offered since inception in 1975. A predominant multilingual Lebanese staff caters to Arabic speaking clients as well as a growing foreign population. The upper management of the bank being accessible to customers at short notice provides that additional personal touch.

  • Corporate Banking: Working capital facilities: overdraft, checks, discounting and short term bridge financing are offered to satisfy current and future business needs.
    -Trade finance: our team of professionals, with their pristine know-how and efficient service, has positioned our bank as a reference in corporate services. Working with our clients' tight schedule and demanding business environment is always our number one priority.
    - Project financing: We provide flexibility to study and analyze any new venture or investment in the market while helping our clients making the right choices and financial structure for their success.
  • Retail Banking:
    - Current accounts: Flexible current accounts to fit all customers' banking needs, coupled with minimum maintenance.
    - Term deposits: Savings tailored to your convenience with attractive interest rates.


  • A universal banking model developed by BLOM BANK FRANCE.
  • Access to a wide range of traditional, highly personalized banking services including deposits, current accounts, foreign exchange and documentary credits.
  • Value added expertise and focus on niche customer service satisfaction.
  • Experienced opinion on UK real estate market and assistance in property management as well as high value asset backed financing.


BLOM BANK FRANCE in Romania presents its banking services to the Romanian market through corporate and commercial banking.
Corporate lines of credit are granted for companies to finance their working capital, and their expansion in outstanding industrial and agricultural projects.
The bank in Romania specializes in trade finance services, with a particular interest in letters of credit and letters of guarantee.
In addition to its focus on Arab communities, BLOM BANK FRANCE targets Romanian customers with a strong structure.
For international groups, BLOM BANK FRANCE offers many advantages to the targeted customers in Romania, especially in the area of trade finance and fund transfers.
MasterCard services are now available for customers, and the implementation of e-banking is currently in progress.
  • Headquarters (Paris)

    21 avenue George V
    75008 Paris - FRANCE

    Phone: (33-1) 44 95 06 06
    Fax: (33-1) 44 95 06 00
    Reuter: BANO
    Swift: BLOM FRPP
    Email: [email protected]
    Country Manager: Mr. Jean-Pierre BAAKLINI


  • Dubai

    Prime Tower, Burj Khalifa St., Business Bay Area 
    P.O. Box: 4370 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
    Phone: (971-4) 2307230
    Fax: (971-4) 2236260
    Email: [email protected]
    Branch Manager: Mr. Eddy BECHARA
  • Jebel Ali

    (Electronic Branch)
    Ground Floor, Bldg. 4, The Galleries
    Jebel Ali, Dubai

    Phone: (971-4) 8849311
    Fax: (971-4) 8849388
    Email: [email protected]
  • Sharjah

    Khaled Lagoon, Corniche al Buhairah, Sheikh Nasser Bin
    Hamad Al Thani Bldg.

    P.O. Box: 5803 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
    Phone: (971-6) 5736700 – 5736100
    Fax: (971-6) 5736080
    Email: [email protected]
    Branch Manager: Mr. Fouad ATTAR
  • Deira e-Branch

    (Electronic Branch)
    Maktoum Street, Dalmouk Series Bldg, Ground Floor, Deira, Dubai
    Phone: (971-4) 2281954 – 00971 4 2281982
    Fax: (971-4) 2281949
    Email: [email protected]



  • London

    193-195 Brompton Road, London SW3 1LZ, England
    Phone: (44-20) 75907777
    Fax: (44-20) 78237356
    Swift: BLOM GB 2L
    Email: [email protected]
    Country Manager : Mr. Amr TURK



  • Headquarters (Bucharest)

    66 Unirii Blvd., Bloc K3, S+P+M, Sector 3
    P.O. Box: 1-850, Bucharest, Romania
    Phone: (40-21) 3027201
    Fax: (40-21) 3185214
    Swift: BLOMROBU 
    Email: [email protected]
    Country Manager: Mrs. Veronica PETRESCU

  • Unirii – Customer Desk

    66 Unirii Blvd., Bloc K3, Mezzanin, Sector 3
    P.O. Box: 1-850, Bucharest 030835, Romania
    Phone: (40-21) 3027201
    Fax: (40-21) 3185214
    Email: [email protected]
    Head of Operations: Mrs. Florentina DELA
  • Victoria

    72 Buzesti St., 1st District, Bucharest, Romania 011017
    Phone: (40-21) 3154205/6
    Fax: (40-21) 3154208/9
    Email: [email protected] 
    Country Manager: Mr. Marius VOICULEŢ

  • Constanţa

    25 bis Mamaia Blvd., CP 2-89 Constanta, Romania
    Phone: (40-241) 510950
    Fax: (40-241) 510951
    Email: [email protected]
    Head of Operations: Mr. Mihai BUTCARU
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