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Preventing Financial Cybercrime in Lebanon

مكافحة الجريمة الإلكترونية المالية في لبنان

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  • The leading regional financial institution providing exceptional value and Peace of Mind!
    BLOM BANK is a leading Lebanese bank which has repeatedly and unanimously been selected as the Best Bank in Lebanon...
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    13 March 2019
    BLOM BANK and Mastercard announce winners of 2019 ‘UEFA Champions League’ campaign
    06 March 2019
    Slowest deterioration in business conditions for one year
  • Commercial Banking

    In addition to the conventional banking loan services, BLOM BANK developed its products and services to meet with the market trends and requirements.
    The Corporate Department’s highly experienced and specialized team strives to forge strong and lasting relationships providing tailor made facilities that best serve clients’ unique needs.
    At BLOM BANK, SMEs refer to Small & Medium Enterprises requesting commercial direct facilities.
    BLOM BANK handles these Loans from origination to distribution, as well as participating in such Loans, both locally and regionally.
  • Retail Banking

    BLOM BANK retail offers you a comprehensive range of banking solutions that you can consult online through our website.
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    Latest Products and Services
    Use the simulator to calculate your loans.
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  • Investment Services

    At BLOMINVEST BANK we never fail to work to our full potential, no matter the size or type of investment to ensure that each client is given superior quality service.
    BLOM BANK through its investment banking arm, BLOMINVEST BANK, is one of few institutions within the greater Levant region that offer Private banking, Investment banking, Asset Management, Brokerage, Real Estate and Research services under one roof.
    Based on its track record, BLOMINVEST BANK to date remains the most awarded local investment bank.
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  • Islamic Banking

    BLOM DEVELOPMENT BANK is afull-fledged Islamic bank that was established in February 2006 and became operational in March 2007.
    BLOM DEVELOPMENT BANK covers the whole spectrum of banking services including the acceptance of deposits and the provision of various Islamic financing solutions in the form of Murabaha, Ijara, Tawaruk, Forward Lease, Wakala and Istisna’a.
    Visit BLOM Development Website
    Islamic Finance
  • Insurance

    Member of BLOM Bank Group, AROPE is one of the major players in the Lebanese insurance mart.
    Since 1974, AROPE is committed to providing the finest service with integrity, professionalism and dedication.
    Our comprehensive insurance products, specially conceived to satisfy all clients' requirements, include:
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