Preventing Financial Cybercrime in Lebanon

The increase of cyber-crime activities, such as fraud, theft or espionage by electronic means on Bank Accounts and clients’ e-mails, triggered the Central Bank of Lebanon to issue a guideline entitled “Preventing Financial Cyber-crime in Lebanon” under the basic circular no.144 dated November 28, 2017.

This guideline sets out certain precautionary measures that all account holders must be aware of and take into consideration in order to safeguard their accounts and respective information. Therefore, you are kindly requested to access the below link and to Read and Fully Understand all guidelines stated therein which are aimed to assist you in reducing the likelihood of falling victim to such cyber-criminal activities.

IT IS IMPORTANT AND STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to promptly notify us in writing whenever you become, or you were likely to become, victim of a criminal act by electronic means, in order to enable us to take all necessary measures.

Your cooperation is highly encouraged.

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