Islamic Banking

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BLOM DEVELOPMENT BANK (BDB) covers the whole spectrum of banking services including the acceptance of deposits and the provision of various Islamic financing solutions in the form of Murabaha, Ijara, Commodity Murabaha (Tawaruk), and Wakala.


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Deposit accounts

Current account, Investment accounts (Restricted and Unrestricted)

Trade finance services

  • Import Letter of Credit:
    • Standard L/C (Without client financing)
    • Murabaha L/C (With client financing)
    • Wakala L/C (with client financing)
  • Export Letter of credit.
  • Bills of collection (B/C):
    • Standard B/C (Without client financing)
    • Murabaha B/C (With client financing)
    • Letters of guarantee.
  • Wakala:To back up your purchase needs when the deliverables are deferred in time.

Fixed assets financing

Fixed Assets , business expansion, machineries, and project financing

Retail financing

Financing vehicles, household appliances and electrical and electronic equipments.

House financing

Unique in Lebanon, BDB offers a 25 years sharia compliant House financing.


Takaful Insurance services provided by AROPE Insurance, member of BLOM Bank Group are:

Motor Takaful, Family Takaful, Workmen Compensation Takaful, Third Party Liability Takaful, Property Takaful, Marine Cargo Takaful, Personal Accident Takaful, Money Takaful, Hajj & Umrah Takaful, Medical Takaful and School Liabilities Takaful.

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