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BLOM BANK offers you a comprehensive range of banking solutions. Whether you are looking for a car loan or housing loans or if you would like to sign up for a credit card plan, we have the right solution for you.

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BLOM BANK provides you with various types of accounts that range from saving accounts to wedding accounts and many more.

  • Account Plus: You can enjoy the convenience of a current account, which offers a free debit card and provides you with a bouquet of benefits to match your payment preferences.
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  •  BLOM Wedding List Account: BLOM BANK has put at your disposal a special Wedding list Program, guaranteed to make your special day a unique and rewarding one!
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  •  Salary Domiciliation: BLOM BANK’s salary domiciliation is the greatest solution for both employers and employees to make the most out of their salary. Domicile at BLOM Bank and benefit from attractive products and services...
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  •  Oumnyati Account: Oumnyati savings account is another extension of BLOM BANK’s peace of mind designed to provide you with interest on small amounts of money. Oumnyati is a time deposit account that allows you to save for a brighter future from as low as 50$ or 75,000 LBP per month...
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  •  Full Option Account: To benefit from even more flexibility, convenience and liquidity, we offer you the Full Option Account with every loan or salary domiciliation, granting you services and benefits designed to make your banking journey a rewarding one.
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  •  Savings Account: Need to enhance your savings with a guaranteed return? Want to get rewarded? BLOM Bank gives you the chance to get rewarded while enjoying flexibility and peace of mind with 4 different saving accounts available in all major currencies.
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Check out the most competitive housing loan offers in Lebanon from BLOM BANK.

  • Housing Loans: Check out the most competitive housing loan offers in Lebanon from BLOM Bank, one of the leading housing loans providers in Lebanon.
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  • Car Loan - Sayarati: As one of the leading loans providers in Lebanon, BLOM Bank offers you several types of auto loans that suit your needs. Take the step of owning your dream car and wait no more.
    » More about Car Loan -Sayarati 
  •  Motorcycle Loan: Thinking of buying a brand new motorcycle? Benefit from BLOM Bank’s Motorcycle Loan with a special and preferential rate along with a maximum loan period that can be extended to 4 years.
    » More about Motorcycle Loan 
  •  Personal Loan - Kardi: Getting a personal loan in Lebanon is now easy with BLOM Bank’s Kardi personal loan.
    » More about Personal Loan- Kardi 
  •  Business Loans: Whether you want to expand your business, refurbish your office or finance a new project, discover the Maktabi, Kafalat and Business loans with ESFD
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Since we at BLOM Bank believe that you deserve the best, we handpicked worldwide privileges that fit your lifestyle.
From prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards, corporate cards and charge cards we put at your disposal all the comfort, convenience and luxury to ensure smooth payment transactions and account accessibility anytime, anywhere.
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Investment & Insurance

BLOM BANK offers you a variety of investment products to help you manage your finances in a better, safer and more profitable way through our Waladi Plus and Damanati Plus.
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Loyalty Programs

Our loyalty programs are the most rewarding ones in Lebanon.


  • The Golden Points/Miles Program: If you are a BLOM cardholder (Classic, Gold, Giving, Titanium, Platinum or Infinite) you automatically collect 1 Mile (used to purchase airline tickets) and between 1 & 3 points (used to purchase electronics, household appliances etc.) with every $1 you spend when using your card in Lebanon or abroad.
    » More about The Golden Points/Miles Program 
  •  Beirut Traders Shopping Card Loyalty Program: BLOM BANK’s Beirut Traders Shopping card in collaboration with the Beirut Traders association and LeMall provides you with amazing discounts and valuable gifts from the largest network of merchants in Lebanon.
    » More about Beirut Traders Shopping Card Loyalty Program 

Business Solutions

  • POS Services: BLOM BANK offers Merchant Payment Solutions and services that will keep pace for your growing business and simplify your sales process. We will increase your customers' payments by keeping them simple, safe and secure with our payment solutions.
    » More about The POS Services 
  •  e-Commerce: BLOM BANK payment gateway is the easiest and fastest way to accept credit cards and verify payments on a website.
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