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Is it true that everyone has to start as a teller?
If you are interested in developing a career in a branch, then yes, teller would be the first step. From there, you will have the chance to advance to other positions such as Customer Service.

If you are interested in another career path, i.e. head office departments, then just specify this in your application or on your CV.
Can I get recruited straight into BLOMINVEST BANK?
The chances of getting into BLOMINVEST BANK as a fresh graduate are minimal. BLOM Group is known for hiring and promoting from within. We give preference to our existing employees first to move within the organization. However, BLOMINVEST BANK has been known to start fresh graduates on a training basis for 7-9 months first (upon need), and some have transitioned to employment.
Can I just start as a teller and then ask to be transferred to the head office?
An employee may request transfer to a head office department. The request will be processed by the HR Division to match the employee to a vacancy if available since the number of available opportunities in head office departments is less than the number of opportunities at the branches.
Are there some specific skills, work experience or educational background that you look for in the employees you hire? What are they?
We mainly target fresh graduates with little or no experience. Candidates must have a BA in a business-related field or economics. We look for candidates with strong communication and interpersonal skills, those who work under pressure and are eager to build a career in our bank.
Are graduate degrees important to advancing within the bank?
Graduate degrees are not a prerequisite for advancement; however, we encourage our employees to obtain higher studies that will help develop their related skills and knowledge further.
How long does the hiring process take?
There is no length of time for the hiring process. Be patient. The volume of applicants we get is enormous and we try our best to speed things up. Several factors affect the time frame: available needs, skills required, location, etc.
Does the bank hire on a continuous basis or just during certain times of the year?
Continuous basis. BLOM BANK is known to promote from within, leaving room for fresh recruits to join the organization at any time of the year.
Does the bank offer formal training programs to their employees?
Yes; we have a Training & Development Unit within the HR Division dedicated to working closely with managers and employees on identifying training needs, and catering training programs (whether in-house or external) to target those needs.
Do we need a reference to join the BLOM BANK Group?
No, everyone is welcome to apply, and if qualified, will go through the recruitment process.
Can we choose where we want to work?
Of course you can state your preference, but bear in mind that the position might not be currently available, or that your profile was seen as a better fit for another position at the bank.

The more flexible and open you are, the better are your chances of succeeding at BLOM BANK.
How does the bank measure the employees’ performance?
Performance appraisals are done officially on an annual basis and the manager has a sit-down with his/her employees to discuss various areas of his/her performance. Appraisals are then sent to the HR Division.
What should I expect if I am contacted for an interview?
The screening process may vary with each opportunity. Typically, the recruiter will communicate the process and will schedule your interview.

Upon the successful completion of the first interview, a second interview may be scheduled depending on the vacancy. If the process is continued, you will be asked to undergo some medical tests. Your file is then submitted to the HR Committee for approval before an offer is made.

Background checks are performed as per the bank’s policies, and previous employers may be contacted upon your approval only.
When should we apply for summer internships?
The best time to apply is between December and end of February, since candidates are selected in March.
If you are interested, you may apply through the BLOM BANK website.
How can I apply for a position abroad?
Please send your CV directly to the country you wish to apply for. You may find the contact information for each of our offices abroad on the website.
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